When facing charges of operating under the influence (OVI), every detail is important. If you have any advantage or opportunity to get into the good graces of the court, it is essential to take advantage of it. The stakes are too high to miss out on any opportunity to improve your defense strategy.

At Ernst & Associates, LLC, we provide an aggressive, strategic approach to OVI/DUI defense. We help clients find and enter into alcohol treatment facilities that help them address any problems and improve their defense before the court. We represent clients throughout Ohio from our office in Cincinnati. DUI/OVI arrest and alcohol treatment we can help you get the best outcome possible in your OVI/DUI defense.

One of the most important considerations for a court in OVI/DUI charges is recidivism. Especially in cases of second or subsequent OVI/DUI charges, it is important to show the court that actions are being taken to prevent another instance of drunk driving. We often recommend that our clients begin alcohol treatment programs even before their trials begin.

In addition to the obvious benefit of beginning to correct the underlying problems that have led to multiple OVI convictions, entering into an alcohol treatment program early can benefit clients with:

  • Better plea deal
  • Better sentencing
  • Less intrusive relationship with probation officers

An essential part of a good defense is that we are being proactive and working to correct the problem. If treatment is demanded by the court, it looks very good to the court if we have been proactive and have already obtained alcohol assessments and entered into some kind of alcohol treatment program. This can often substitute for a more restrictive and time consuming program ordered by the probation department.

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